Specifically designed for people living with Parkinson's disease, our workshops aim to ease the movement by using dance, voice, rhythms and various techniques of adapted exercises and breathing exercices.

"Jubilant fantasy! We explore, we fly, we have fun, we play, we cast off, it's formi-formi-Formida... ble! "

- Marie-Josée, mai 2017

Based on diverse methods including the PARKINSON EN MOUVEMENT PEM approach, in our dance and movement classes, we dance to the rhythm of a lively music, in the company of a dance therapist. Everyone puts their best at it with ample movements, soaring arms and big steps in space. 

Based on the most advanced research as to the positive effects of music and of certain types of movement for people with PD, PEM is a unique initiative which brings together the expertise of both dance and physiotherapy, as well as elements of ergonomics and voice training. The dances foster improvements in strength, balance, endurance, range of motion, gait and posture, and integrate movements useful in daily activities

"...helps us regain pleasure and joy through our body via music and dance in an happy group context (...).


...we develop a new approach, positive and soothing. Carol Jones demonstrates through various examples the ways opening before us."

- Pierre, MD retraité, mai 2017

Drawing from Popular dance styles and World Beats: Jazz, Broadway, African dance, improvisation, etc., and exploring the various Body and voice movements they inspire us, paying special attention to Creativity, Coordination, Balance, Flexibility and Endurance, this approach allows us to discover the Creative power of the body as a source of Energy and Regeneration. 

"Nobody can take away the prowesses we can accomplish as we get older ."

- Maryse, mai 2017


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Open doors : April 30th - March 2nd


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