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Founded in 2015, supported by a dynamic Board of Directors, Le Zèbre Jaune, nicknamed Le Zèbre, brings together artists from diverse backgrounds whose mission is to offer theatrical performances that combine rhythm, music, text, video and dance gestures. Le Zèbre wants to discover new works and distribute Quebec creations of various origins. Le Zèbre also offers committed theater with an approach based on research, reflection and the imagination, and associated with entertainment.  

Le Zèbre actively engages in arts and health. The artists of Le Zèbre createcultural mediations in establishments by offering adapted and therapeutic workshops dancing, singing, music, etc. They create artistic works.


Le Zèbre wishes to unite the performing arts with scientific knowledge so that the latter can reach a wider audience. For us, social inclusion goes without saying. Also, we want to make known the multi-ethnic and cultural reality of our country. We want to ensure, through provincial, national and international tours, the dissemination of our most relevant works.


While aiming its works at the general public, both in institutionalized rooms and in atypical places, Le Zèbre devotes a large part of its mission to building bridges with community organizations. This action is reflected in forums and specific thematic workshops held in the field. In these contexts, the experiences of sharing the richness of experiences and creation culminate in the presentation of original works in which citizen-artists can take part alongside artists from the Zèbre.


Trained in dance, in acting, then in body music, I have been on stage since adolescence. You see me on TV, in movies and on stage. Daughter of a jazzman (drums), nourished by African rhythms, master of arts (rhythm in the theatre), my works accentuate the significance of rhythm. Many times recipient of a creation grant, anchored in the social artistic space, I write and direct several plays.

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"Carol, I was very happy to see your performance on Friday at the magnificent Georges-Dor Library. It was very touching and filled with love and respect.  I was so more moved than Jean regularly looks for his mother who died for almost 20 years of the same illness as him... it echoed..." -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 

- Monique, April 29, 2022


"Carol! Always a pleasure to see your creations! Very touching this last one... Gotta's music is superb and marries the subject in an admirable way. Superb interpretation in a few words. The emotions are very present."


- Diane Piché, Cultural Life Consultant, Longueuil, April 29, 2022



President - Art Director

Art direction - Artist - Performing arts - UDA - Dance and movement therapy


Artist - Performing Arts - Visual Arts - Teacher - Manager


Communication and events - Laughter yoga facilitator


Artist - Performing Arts - Publishing - Events - Carpe Diem Art DIrector - UDA Member




Anthropologist - Community and cultural management


Artist - Performing arts - Finances


Artist – Performing Arts (musician, singer, storyteller)


Artist - Performing Arts - Teacher - ACTRA - UDA - Cultural reporter

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